2024 Best Practices and Emerging Trends

2024 Web Globalization Best Practices & Emerging Trends

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For more than a decade, the Web Globalization Report Card has included a section in which we documented established best practices and emerging trends. As this section has grown over the years, it has proven quite popular with marketing, design, product, and development teams — which is why we felt a stand-alone report would make it far more accessible to far more people.

Part I includes a diverse range of new and emerging trends that we’ve noted over the past few years, trends that could become best practices over time. At a minimum, they will provide insights into where a number websites and their companies are headed.

Parts II through IV include well-established best practices, organized according to the four major categories used for benchmarking in the Web Globalization Report Card. These are practices that any global website should exhibit, not simply for the benefit of customers and prospects but for the benefit of the organization itself. To efficiently expand a website or application globally, one must develop templates and processes that balance scalability with regional and local flexibility. Best practices allow organizations to focus their energies where it matters, on local and culturally relevant content and on their current and future customers.


  • A guide to building world-ready and locally successful websites
  • Part I: Emerging & Notable Trends
  • Part II: Best Practices in Global Reach
  • Part III: Best Practices in Global Architecture
  • Part IV: Best Practices in Global Navigation
  • Part V: Best Practices in Localization

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Date: March 2024
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Included with your purchase of the 2024 Web Globalization Report Card

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John Yunker

John Yunker has helped a wide range of Fortune 500 companies improve their global websites and application. He has experience consulting with some of the world's largest companies and has also worked as senior program manager at Microsoft. He authored the first book devoted to the emerging field of web globalization, Beyond Borders: Web Globalization Strategies. John speaks at numerous industry events, including Localization World, Internet Retailer, and the Unicode Conference and has been quoted on global topics in publications including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. He is also editor of the popular web globalization blog Global by Design.

A Web Globalization Pioneer

Founded in 2000, Byte Level Research was the first agency devoted to website and content globalization best practices. Over the years we have helped hundreds of companies improve their global content, websites and software through our reports, consulting, speaking and training sessions.


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