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New from Byte Level Research, Local by Design country reports are designed specifically to help marketing and Web executives succceed locally.

Each report blends Web and marketing localization tips with real-world insights based on interviews with in-country translators and cultural experts. Also included are in-country translation resources to help you get started on your journey into the market. New reports include:

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Please contact series editor John Yunker to request a specific country report. Each new report produced is based on feedback from subscribers of Global by Design and readers like yourself. Also join the free newsletter, Web Globalization News, to be notified as reports are published.

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Founded in 2000, Byte Level Research was the first agency devoted to website and content globalization best practices. Over the years we have helped hundreds of companies improve their global content, websites and software through our reports, consulting, speaking and training sessions.

"Think Outside the Country" is a registered trademark of John Yunker, Byte Level Research LLC.

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